Information about a ROOT Tools League Subscription for MM19

Steps to Install:

1) Decide which league membership size you need based on how many people are in your slack. I will send a notification when your slack is close to your limit.


2) Send your subscription fee, including your email address to join the ROOT Tools Slack (you must be an owner or admin of your league slack - slack apps that a user installs are automatically disabled by slack if a user is disabled/removed)

3) PM Tee543 in the ROOT Tools slack, letting me know what your league's slack name/domain is

4) At that time, you will be provided with a link to install the ROOT Tools to your slack

5) You will be prompted to confirm your identity on your slack to add slash commands, send messages as ROOT Tools, add a bot, and access profile information (provides name, username, and timezone, but NOT email addresses)

6) Add the following emoji to your slack using the exact names provided:

7) Determine to which channel you want annoucements posted, and create an incoming web hook in slack by going to this url - change the "yourdomain" to your actual domain:

8) Create two public channels: packs and event-notification