Tee Time


get promo info, links,
and calculators all in one place


Once Ultimate Freeze (or Zero Chill) starts, give me a few hours to gather links, then check back on Tee Time!


Using ROOT Tools

When you are looking to find what new players were released, for stats of players, or event times, ROOT Tools is a great source. That's not changing.


Promo Content in Tee Time


When you are looking for info on a promo, you're probably looking in several places to see have written up about it, and in addition, heading to ROOT Tools and searching for those players and programs.

Tee Time was created to group together helpful promo content, from forum links, to direct links to ROOT Tools showing only promo players and promo events.


Promo Calculator

Use my promo calculator to help gauge how many of a specific currency you are likely to get from events, and what your goal is based on which masters you want to get/upgrade.