Player training by program and tier.

This is a grouped list, but the training may not always be the same for the same program and OVR. If multiple values exist for the same program + OVR combo, or to view each level, check the specific player's detail page.

Quick Player Lookup (Gold & above):
Program OVR Tier Total to Max
All97Diamond207,700 TP
All96Diamond200,550 TP
All95Diamond192,850 TP
All94Diamond184,810 TP
All93Diamond176,380 TP
All92Diamond167,710 TP
All91Diamond158,800 TP
All90Diamond149,810 TP
All89Elite140,790 TP
All88Elite131,810 TP
All87Elite122,960 TP
All86Elite114,267 TP
All85Elite105,785 TP
All84Elite97,575 TP
All83Elite89,678 TP
All82Elite82,099 TP
All81Elite74,917 TP
All80Elite68,070 TP
All79Gold61,675 TP
All78Gold55,658 TP
All77Gold50,038 TP
All76Gold44,838 TP
All75Gold40,021 TP
All74Gold35,606 TP
All73Gold31,563 TP
All72Gold27,880 TP
All71Gold24,551 TP
All70Gold21,549 TP
All69Silver18,844 TP
All68Silver16,425 TP
All67Silver14,254 TP
All66Silver12,330 TP
All65Silver10,626 TP
All64Silver9,128 TP
All63Silver7,812 TP
All62Silver6,663 TP
All61Silver5,664 TP
All60Silver4,798 TP
All59Bronze4,050 TP