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Remaining Events

The * asterisk after event name means first win rewards only

If any events start or end after the hub ends, they will NOT be available

88+ OVR Promo Players

NamePositionTeamSchemeArchetypeStarting PowerBoost
100 Ray Lewis (NA)MLBBALField General -MLB50
98 Ray Lewis (NA)MLBBALField General -MLB50
96 Ray Lewis (NA)MLBBALField General -MLB50
94 Ray Lewis (NA)MLBBALField General -MLB50
92 Ray Lewis (NA)MLBBALField General -MLB50
88 Adam ThielenWRMINSpreadRoute Runner - WR40
88 Bobby WagnerMLBSEAField General -MLB40
88 Dak PrescottQBDALWest CoastImproviser - QB40
88 Dee FordDESFSpeed Rusher - DE40
88 Fletcher CoxDTPHIPower Rusher - DT40
88 Jadeveon ClowneyLBSEAPower Rusher - LB40
88 Kyle FullerCBCHIZone - CB40
88 Maurkice PounceyCPITVerticalPower - C40
88 Saquon BarkleyHBNYGSmashmouthElusive Back - HB40
88 Shaq MasonOGNESpreadPower - OG40

Player Links

NA* means it is only temporarily NA

Collectible Links

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