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85+ OVR Promo Players

NamePositionTeamSchemeArchetypeStarting PowerBoost
87 Aaron Rodgers (NA*)QBGBWest CoastImproviser - QB40
87 Cameron Jordan (NA*)DENOPower Rusher - DE40
87 Chris Harris Jr (NA*)CBDENSlot - CB40
87 Dexter Lawrence II (NA*)DTNYGRun Stopper - DT40
87 Ezekiel Elliott (NA*)HBDALSpreadElusive Back - HB40
87 Khalil Mack (NA*)LBCHIPower Rusher - LB40
87 Rodney Hudson (NA*)COAKWest CoastPass Protector - C40
87 Sony Michel (NA*)HBNEVerticalElusive Back - HB40
87 Terrell Edmunds (NA*)SPITRun Support - S40
87 Will Fuller V (NA*)WRHOUSmashmouthDeep Threat - WR40

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NA* means it is only temporarily NA

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